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May 7th – 10th, 2018

Society News

The 2015 Impact Factors have been released for the International Journal of Hyperthermia and we are pleased to report that the Impact Factor has increased from 2.645 in 2014 to 3.361 in 2015. 
This is an all-time record for the journal and is the first time the journal’s Impact Factor has made it into the 3s. 
Congratulations to all of those involved with IJH that helped make this possible!
ABC News
Report on Hyperthermia
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Official Journal of STM

The International Journal of Hyperthermia
2016 Impact Factor: 3.262
5-Year Impact Factor: 3.178
Frequency: 8 issues per year

Ranking: 27/126 (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging), 95/217 (Oncology)  

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Our Mission Statement

The Society for Thermal Medicine is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization whose mission is to significantly improve patient treatment outcomes by advancing the science, development and application of Thermal Therapy.

Our Society strives to:

  • Promote new discovery in thermal biology, physics/engineering, and medicine.

  • Sponsor high quality forums for education of medical professionals in the practice of thermal medicine.

  • Advocate for increased patient access to appropriate, high quality, thermal therapies.

Get to Know Us

Founded in 1986, STM is a premier, international scientific forum for fostering interaction and innovation in the study of biological, physical and medical applications of thermal therapy for cancer and other diseases and for facilitating a greater basic understanding of the role of temperature in cellular and molecular function. A key goal of the Society is to facilitate rapid dissemination of exciting scientific breakthroughs in thermal medicine in order to expedite the translation of both basic and applied research to the clinic for the immediate benefit of patients.

The Society meets annually in the United States, (and with other international societies every 4th year) for members to exchange new research information in the areas of thermal physics/engineering, and biology and medicine, with sub-specialty interests including thermal physiology , immunology, regulation of gene/protein expression, nanoparticles and drug delivery, inflammation and metabolism, hypoxia, vascular function and the tumor microenvironment, radiation and chemotherapy sensitization by heat, thermal ablation, chemistry, and new industry development . A major emphasis at the annual meetings is placed on presentations of new translational and clinical data in thermal therapy. There are many opportunities for new investigators to present their data, and graduate students, laboratory and clinical fellows, and allied health professionals are particularly welcome at our meetings; several career development and mentor-ship opportunities are available.

Among other activities, the Society sponsors CME accredited educational events, its own outstanding journal: The International Journal of Hyperthermia, a website for scientific and informational exchange, and yearly travel awards and speaking opportunities for new investigators.

What is Thermal Medicine?

Thermal Medicine, or the manipulation of body or tissue temperature for the treatment of disease, can be traced back to the earliest practice of medicine. Cultures from around the world can point to ancient uses of hot and cold therapy for specific medical applications, including cancer. Modern research in thermal medicine aims to understand molecular, cellular and physiological effects of temperature manipulation and the “stress” response, as well as to develop effective and safe equipment for clinical application and temperature monitoring. As a result, today there are a growing number of clinical applications of thermal therapy that benefit patients with a variety of diseases. More ... 


STM Image Archive Added to the Member Center

Using the images provided by Dennis Leeper, Chair of the History Committee, we have added a STM slideshow image archive to the Member Center.

The Member Center is restricted to current members via log-in. 

2017 STM Awards

2017 STM
J. Eugene Robinson Award


Erasmus MC Cancer Institute

Rotterdam, the Netherlands


2017 STM 
George M. Hahn Award


Duke University Medical Center

Durham, NC




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