ICHO 2016 - Call For Scientific Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadlines:
 Oral Presentations - 
Midnight, January 13, 2016
Poster Presentations - 
Midnight, January 28, 2016

Oral & Poster Presentations

Every presentation requires an abstract. Abstracts will be available online via an electronic Program. IMPORTANT: All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Abstracts sent to our business office via mail, e-mail, or fax will NOT be accepted.

Abstracts will not be reprinted or made available online. Abstracts will be available only in print format in the program book to those attending the annual meeting in person. Reproduction of abstracts is not allowed by any party.

All abstracts must be limited to 400 words in length and submitted in English using a template provided via the REQUIRED online submission website.You can download a copy of the template from the abstract website or by clicking HERE.

We are pleased to announce that The Society of Thermal Medicine will provide travel grants for up to 20 New Investigators to encourage participation at the 2016 ICHO. Travel Award recipients are based upon a competitive evaluation of their submitted abstracts and New Investigator Award applications. Application criteria can be found on the Travel Award Application Info page.

Online Submission Website

Abstract Submission Guidelines

1. All abstracts must be scientific in nature and address an appropriate topic of discussion without inclusion of commercial messages or inappropriate references to specific products, services, or commercial concerns.

2. Exhibitors are encouraged to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation, which will be evaluated for acceptance by the conference program committee with all other abstracts received. 

3.  All abstracts should be typed single spaced using Arial 10 pt font.
  • a. The title should appear in BOLDFACE and should indicate the content of the abstract.
  • b. The abstract should appear in Regular Arial 10pt font justified left margin.

4. Do not indent or leave a blank line between paragraphs.

5. Do not include contributing authors in the body of the abstract or in the title as these author details are submitted during the online submission process.

6. The abstract text should contain Background or Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

7. All abstracts must be limited to 400 words in length and submitted in English using a template provided via the REQUIRED online submission website.
You can download a copy of the template from the abstract website or by clicking HERE.

8. Tables, graphs, and structural formulae may not be included, although simple mathematical formulae are acceptable.

Presentation Methods
Authors will have the option of submitting abstracts for either Poster Presentation or for Either Oral or Poster Presentation. The preferred presentation method is to be indicated on the abstract submission form at the time of the online abstract submission. We will do our best to ensure that you receive the type of presentation you’ve requested - however, due to the quantity and breadth of submissions, we are unable to guarantee this. Note: you must be present and registered for the meeting to display your poster and have your abstract included in the Program Book.

Oral Presentation
As a general rule, when there are multiple presentations in a session, most Oral presentations shall be approximately 7-10 minutes in duration and will include computer-based Audio/Visual aids, using PowerPoint presentation software. Oral presentations will be prepared in accordance with the STM standard room setup – a PC laptop (no Macs) and LCD Projector. The Session Chair will notify presenters of any special instructions – order of presentations, time length, Q/A guidelines, and instructions for loading of electronic files.

Poster Presentation
Poster dimensions are limited to 48 inches x 48 inches and shall include a heading with title & author(s) using lettering at least 25 mm (1") high. The abstract should be part of the poster presentation with printing legible from a distance of 1 meter. Lettering should be heavy and at least 10 mm (3/8") high. Posters exceeding 48 inches x 48 inches may be rejected for presentation due to limited presentation space.

STM 2016 Abstract Topics
All abstracts must be submitted per presenter status or by topics listed below:


Speaker Submissions

Award Winner Speakers
Plenary Speakers

Refresher Course Speakers

President’s Symposium Speakers

Invited Speakers
Poster Session



Topic Oriented Submissions

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Thermal ablation (RF, MW, Laser)

Mild Hyperthermia

Biological Effects of Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia Applicators

Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery


Clinical Trials

Radiation/Chemo + Hyperthermia

Modeling, Treatment Planning and Optimization


Image Guidance

Thermometry, Thermal Dosimetry, Monitoring 

Other Topics

Meeting Registrations and Hotel Reservations

You will receive an email confirmation when your abstract has been received and another when your abstract has been assigned to a session. Your registration for the meeting is your confirmation that you accept our invitation to present your abstract. All abstract presenters are expected to register for the meeting and make hotel reservations separately. Meeting registration and hotel reservation information can be found online HERE.

Please direct all inquiries to stm@allenpress.com.

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